Fishing Kayaks


The RTM K-Largo kayak is our budget fishing kayak.
Aside from it's weight, the K-largo posesses some nice features.

Not suitable for paddlers over 100kg (deep seat).

Positioned in the market for fishermen wanting it all but on a tight budget the RTM K-Largo luxe is relatively cheap.

Find a better price anywhere in Australia and we'll beat it by 10%. (Pictured with optional backrest and paddle)

Length: 415 cm
Width: 78 cm
Weight: 33 kg

Looking for something similar but a bit more up-market? - Try the Cobra Pro-Fisherman, the DAG Midway Angler or the Ocean Kayak Prowler - please contact us for details.

Pro Fisherman

The cockpit area of this kayak is specifically designed with the fishermen in mind. It features a large rectangular hatch between your legs (to store your landed fish) and two side cockpit hatches (for all those things you need to get at whilst at sea e.g. tackle, etc).

It also features a bulkheaded hatch behind the seat area which is excellent for use as a live bait tank.

The Pro Fishermen comes standard with 2 drink bottle holders and 2 rod holders installed.

Forward rod holders can be fitted on request. (adjacent to your legs)

There is also ample leg room for the taller paddlers.

The Pro Fishermen is a fast yet stable kayak perfect for the avid kayak fishermen.

Length: 4154m....Width: 73 cm ...Weight: 23 kg
Material: Super Linear Polyethylene
Includes: Handles , Centre and Rear Rectangular Hatches, 2 x side bin and covers, 2 x Drink Holders
Optional: Rudder Kit , additional Rod Holders and A Hatch fitted to the front deck.


Navigator XF
This all-around kayak incorporate many of the same features as the time-tested and performance proven Cobra Explorer, but is faster and sleeker with a bit more length.

The Cobra Navigator, with its longer cockpit, is perfect for taller kayak paddlers and anglers who are looking for the features of a larger kayak, but still want the maneuverability and ease of use of a smaller boat, all while maintaining stability, speed and tracking. Pictured with optional backrest, hatches tank straps and rod holders.

Length: 3.82m....Width: 78.74 cm ...Weight: 21.32 kg
Material: Super Linear Polyethylene
Includes: Handles, 2 x Rod Holders, Centre Rectangular Hatch and tank straps.
Optional: Front Hatch & backrest as shown. Additional rod holders.




The Marauder-XF is the culmination of extensive R&D; resulting in a seamless combination of the three main elements that today’s Kayak Anglers are looking for… Speed, Stability, and TONS of Internal and External Storage Space.

Length: 4.35m....Width: 78cm ...Weight: 25kg
Carrying capacity 215kg
Fish N Dive XF
he Cobra design team decided to combine a modified deck with the stable hull design of the Cobra Tandem and create the ultimate fishing/diving kayak appropriately enough called the Cobra Fish N' Dive.

There is one centrally located seat and a smaller reversed companion seat near the bow for another passenger or additional gear. There is no other kayak on the market this size that offers as much storage space. A large well is located in the stern and holds up to three tanks. Scuba divers love this unique arrangement that allows for heavy loads and provides and provides a stable platform. The Fish N' Dive also can be fitted with an optional motor bracket for an electric trolling or small outboard engine. And there will still be ample room left to store rod holders, scuba gear, twelve volt battery, tackle box, bait tank, catch bag, fishing rods, clothing and much more. pictured with optional paddle, backrest, hatches, and tank straps.

Length: 3.82m....Width: 91.44 cm ...Weight: 25.85 kg
Material: Super Linear Polyethylene
Includes: Handles, 4 x Rod Holders, Tank Straps, Centre Rectangular Hatch.
Optional: Additional hatches, rod holders & backrest

Tango Angler

RTM Tango Angler Run-out sale - all remaining stock at half price. RRP $1 249 Sale Price $625 - this sale price may not be used in conjunction with any sales coupon or discount voucher.

Length: 345 cm
Width: 78 cm
Weight: 26 kg
Max Capacity: 110 kg

Tempo Angler

The RTM Tempo Angler kayak is a cheap touring kayak with fishing capability.

At 4.5m the Tempo is relatively quick but has a well defined keel allowing for good tracking and maximum stability. We carry the Angler version, which comes standard with two flush mounted rod holders. With large storage hatch at the front and generous well at the rear, the RTM Tempo Kayak makes a great fishing kayak, although would have been better with rudder option.

Positioned in the market for people on a tight budget the Tempo Angler is relatively cheap - Find a better price anywhere in Australia and we'll beat it by 10%.

Length: 450 cm
Width: 67 cm
Weight: 26 kg
Max Capacity: 130 kg

The Prowler 13 - is the smaller version of our popular Prowler 15. A fast kayak with exceptional tracking and performance with almost no water slap. Even for the larger taller paddler, this kayak is extremely stable even in rough conditions, roomy cockpit, and extra footwell. Packing in the features with moulded on-top storage for equipment and fish, two flush mounted rod holders, spacious dry storage, comfort seat comes standard, paddler holder, and an unique centre moulded storage bucket. Highly manoeuvrable this kayak handles the surf and surf re-entries with ease. The deck layout is ideal for adding all those extras. The Prowler 13 is all in all a great fishing and touring kayak. On-line customer reviews have been nothing short of outstanding - go to any kayak fishing web-site and check out the reviews.

Provisions for:
Optional rudder and provisions for extra fishing equipment.

Material: Durable Linear Polyethylene
Length 4.1m
Width 71.1cm
Weight 28kg
Capacity 181-204kg

The Prowler Elite 4.5 is a purpose built fishing kayak.
The Prowler Elite 4.5 has combined all the best features of the Prowler 13 and Prowler 15 and then some.

At 4.5m this kayak has the waterline length to deliver good speed, ideal for battling headwinds. With plenty of below deck storage this kayak is a credible alternative to the traditional sit-in sea kayak for touring and paddling expeditions. A centre moulded bucket hatch is standard along with tackle box, 2 flush mounted rear rod holders, paddle holder and a comfort seat.

Extensive use of the 100% waterproof ‘insert’ attachment system for saddles and other fittings.

Material: Durable Linear Polyethylene
Length 4.5m
Width 71cm
Weight 30.4kg
Capacity 230kg